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Arbeitsort: D-60308 Frankfurt am Main · Hessen
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I have graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V.Brusov in 2006. My undergraduate education is in foreign languages (English and Russian) and literature. The knowledge of English language I acquired I used in teaching English language for very young and young learners at two schools in Yerevan, Armenia (2006). I developed my teaching career in Armenian Institute of Tourism from 2009 up to 2013.
One of the latest certificates I earned is by taking First for Schools (FCE- B2) computer based Cambridge exam in Rome, Italy (2013). Another professional certificate I gained by Pearson through my participation in International Scientific Conference “Content of professional training in foreign languages in non-linguistic high schools: current trends, current problems and solutions” which was held in Russian International Academy of Tourism in Moscow in March 2012.
I took a closer look at Russian curricula and program of teaching English; I studied handbooks and materials which they use. Moreover, I gave a presentation “Tourist attractions in Armenia” for students and lecturers of English language in Russian International Academy of Tourism. Afterwards I received a letter of appreciation from head of the Foreign Languages department of Russian International Academy of Tourism. On the other hand, I took part in presentation about Hospitality Management held by a lecturer who came from France. The presentation was held in Vatel International Business School Hotel and Tourism Management.
Furthermore, in my one week of stay in Moscow I prepared an article “Information and communication technologies as a means of improving the quality of education” for the International Scientific Conference "The content of training in foreign languages in non-linguistic high schools: current trends, current problems and solutions" supported by the world's leading learning US company Pearson. The conference was attended by over 100 people, representing 46 educational institutions. My article was recently published.
Per the department chair’s consent of Armenian Institute of Tourism I led the development of the curriculum for 2010/2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013 semesters. I planed lessons, researched online and found interactive exercises, new materials for Tourism and Hospitality in English language. Furthermore, I included additional new activities and those materials helped me to provide my students with the extra practice and up-to-date knowledge.
In May 2012 together with my colleague we organized a round table with presentations which were held by students of Armenian Institute of Tourism. More than ten reports were read and several presentations were given on different tourism issues.
In 2009, teaching in two educational institutions at the same time (Yerevan State Linguistic University after V.Brusov and Armenian Institute of Tourism) required from me a lot of energy and hard work. The Russian language, literature and foreign languages faculty where I was teaching at Yerevan State Linguistics University opened a Master’s degree program with a new specialization called Translation Studies. I was offered to teach in this program. The subject I taught, Special Spheres of Language, was first year to be taught and certainly there was no curriculum and no lesson plan. During the summer, I was designing curriculum for two semesters, preparing materials, and everything else needed for appropriate instruction. The subject was to be taught only in Russian language; however, I translated the whole material into English. Hence, everything that Master’s degree students needed to know in Russian also learned in English.
With the use of the Internet and other materials such as movie DVDs and listening scripts, I was having non-standard, alternative classes. I have never experienced anything similar my students are experiencing during my lectures. Our lessons mainly consisted of giving a homework assignment and checking it after completion.
During my student years, as an exceptional student, I was among those who were selected by my university’s Students Council to do volunteer work in One Nation, One Culture international festival in Armenia for tourists from England. I volunteered as a guide-translator and greatly improved my English speaking skills but.

I have published 7 scientific articles on my research about Russian and Armenian translations of British writers. I am very good at meeting deadlines, sketching up schedules and making up plans. I am fluent in three languages – Armenian, which is my native language, English and Russian. Since October 2013 I married an Italian and moved to live in Italy.

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